Wednesday, August 17, 2011

JSR-299 CDI Interceptors for Spring Beans

Another early release of a Spring-CDI module, this time it's the interceptor pattern implementation. It implements a JSR-299 compliant interceptor binding model for Spring managed beans. We will use that in our business applications for cross-cutting-concerns.

Monday, August 1, 2011

JSR-299 CDI Decorators for Spring beans

This blog is about my new Spring-CDI modules effort. It's pupose is to make useful CDI patterns like decorators or interceptors available to a Spring application. I do believe that the explicit pattern implementation in CDI is very useful. It makes it obvious and simple to use patterns for not so experienced developers. Therefore I decided to investigate how to make those patterns and the corresponding CDI annotations available for Spring managed beans. Here is the current status of my work. If you're interested and you have some time left, take a look or try out my early version of the Spring-CDI decorator module. The set-up is straight forward. You'll find all you need below.